VWI prides itself on its Customer Satisfaction Philosophy and its Network Of Expertise. In all things, VWI strives for 100% Customer satisfaction, and maintains links with the Best of the Best in each arena of IT, IS, Web Site Design, Web Application Design, and Computer Networking.

Sites and Apps:

Your Web Presence - Your company's web site is the face that your company is putting forth to the world. Whether you are a mega-conglomerate or a home-based business, your website is your "first impression" with your customers. Simple, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-utilize, fast-loading, informative sites are the type of web sites that will say to your customer - "This business knows what its doing - just look at their web site."

Your Web Applications - Web Applications are your company's tools for conducting business on the Internet. Whether they are portals to allow employees to reach corporate info from remote locales or e-commerce engines to allow customers to purchase your products or services.


Our Strengths are Your Company's Strengths

Exclamation markVWI fields designers, graphic artists, and developers that are considered the "best of the best" in their respective fields - but does so at affordable prices.

We believe that breaking a customer's bank, in order to help their business, is NOT helping. We will work with you to build a strategy that will meet your needs - while keeping in mind the budgetary constraints that your company has for each project/endeavour.

We Provide...


Question markTeams led by Senior/Master Level Programmers providing cutting-edge applications for your company. Sites and Applications are designed using the latest and best technologies to meet your company's budget and needs. Sites and Applications are designed with your company's growth potential in mind.



HOSTING - We offer hosting services for your website or web applications for starting at ONLY $20/month!

DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, MAINTENANCE - With our teams/networks of Developers, we provide the best for your web site/application development needs!